10 Ways to make additional Income

Besides performing home inspections there are many other ways home inspectors make money with the proper training

1. Air quality testing: Year round there are people who need to have mold testing and air quality services performed and this is a great source of income

2. Insurance Inspections: There are about 50 companies that will pay you for property reconstruction inspections. the average time spent on each one is about 20 minutes and the reputable companies pay between $60 to $150 each

3. Water testing: Water test should be preformed every year especially as Arsenic is developing more and more in Maine communities. The average fee for this service is $160 and the lab gets from us around $55 so $105 in profit for a fill in income

4. Radon testing: Rental properties by Maine Law need to be checked I believe every year now so this is great for repeat business.

5. Septic Scope or Septic inspections: added to a home inspection or stand alone this is a great income.

6. Commercial Inspections: I have completed dozens for insurance companies as well lenders

7. Refinancing Inspections: New rules from lenders are asking for new home inspections by CERTIFIED home inspectors only before they will grant home owners a new loan. Many look for inspectors at nachi.org

8. Home Physicals: After a home Inspection I offer clients a yearly update inspection checking on how everything is doing for about half the price of a full home inspection

9. Foundation Certification: Hud and VA lenders do not want to lend money on mobile homes unless they have a recent hud foundation certificate. I work with a HUD and VA approved engineering firm that sends me out to take photos and measurements and often pay between $125 to $250 I also often get a home inspection or septic inspection out of it and at the very least a water test. Anyone of our members who need help on learning how to set this up, I will be glad to help you.

10. Pool inspections: get your nachi pool training done and every spring I have several clients that call me back for an inspection